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picture of  Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Tattoo Studio

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Tattoo Studio

Tattoo studio on Baker Street, specialisms include dot work and realistic tattoos.


  • Location
    • Town centre


To find Baker Street walk toward Teesside University on Albert Road - it will be a right turn or walk on Linthorpe Road and turn left.

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Explore the weird and wonderful world of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Tattoo Studio. It offers a boutique eclectic and bohemian environment, channelling a curious, mystic vibe intertwined with class and sophistication that immediately draws your interest as soon as you enter inside. Full of taxidermy and collected objects, the studio embodies eclectic taste and character.

Not to be outdone by the eclectic interior, Anthony is a self taught tattooist with a unique sense of style specialising in intricate dot and line work, taking influence and inspiration from the likes of Victorian illustration, old copper plate engravings, vintage and geometric designs.

Rather than allowing you to be impulsive in your design choices, some of which you may come to regret, following a thorough consultation where Anthony will get to know you, your individual tastes and styles, he will design a bespoke piece of art for you that you will still love in years to come.

Come see for yourself and channel your inner Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Opening times

Monday 9am-6pm
Tuesday 9am-6pm
Wednesday 9am-6pm
Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday Closed