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Explore Marton Beck and learn about the natural surroundings of Fairy Dell.

  • Take samples from the Beck and learn how to recognise animals from the water. Make a diagram of your find to transfer to a tee or tote bag.
  • Willow weaving demonstrations by Derek and Helen Mosey, and a chance to try your hand at weaving.
  • Electro-fishing

Middlesbrough Council Health Development Team will offer a range of activities using the new fitness equipment in the park.
Hot and cold food and drinks for sale from Roche
Fresh fruit and cold drinks from Tesco

As well as stewarding the event, the Friends of Fairy Dell will be the 'volunteers' who assist as and when required by the other groups during the event.

Fairy Dell

Informal park which is well landscaped with woods, lakes, bridges and picnic areas. Good access from nearby Newham Grange Country Farm. It's a tranquil place to enjoy a slice of countryside without leaving Middlesbrough.

Down at the lake there are several pairs of Moorhens that nest every year along with the numerous pairs of mallard Ducks.

Early in the morning you can witness the Grey Heron as it wades in the Lake looking for small fish or you might catch a glimpse of the Kingfisher as it flashes along the lake side whenever it gets disturbed.

Featuring fantastic sculptures by local artist Steve Iredale carved with a chainsaw.

Join the Friends of Fairy Dell.