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Jul 21

Pressgang! with the Historical Maritime Society


Would you like to sail with Captain Cook? It wasn't all plain sailing!


At the height of their popularity there were some twenty theatres and music halls where Middlesbrough folk could enjoy a night out. Faced by competition from cinema and television, they have all but disappeared – with the Middlesbrough Theatre the one remaining commercial theatre in the town.

Popular speaker Martin Peagam will outline the history of theatres in Middlesbrough – embracing Clowns and Chaplin, Clog Dancing and Spot the Ball Competitions, Shakespeare, Opera, Marie Lloyd, Harry Lauder, and the Strongman Hairdresser along the way.

Join us for an informative and entertaining evening of dramatic history!

£2, booking required. Call 01642 729002 to reserve your tickets.

Central Library

The Central Public Library was officially opened in 1912 by Alderman Amos Hinton. Built on two plots of land, one donated by Sir Hugh Bell, the other by Alderman Amos Hinton, the foundation stone was laid in 1910 and the building, sometimes known as the Carnegie Library, was officially opened on May 8, 1912. Featuring a classical design selected from 203 submissions, its architects were Messrs. S. B. Russell and T. E. Cooper, of Gray's Inn Square, London.

In its original form, it provided a lending library where boys' and girls' sections were separated by a screen, a ladies' reading room, a central news room with a separate entrance in Grange Road, and on the first floor were the law and patent and reference libraries. This was Middlesbrough's first purpose-built premises to house its public library.

Further contact information

Lending Library: 01642 729002;

Reference Library: 01642 729001;

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