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Jul 21

Pressgang! with the Historical Maritime Society


Would you like to sail with Captain Cook? It wasn't all plain sailing!


This presentation will focus on the history of policing and crime in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It will explore the historical development of policing in the nineteenth century: examining how suspects were processed by the police (including the use of the Middlesbrough town hall cells); recording the criminal (how new technologies evolved such as fingerprinting and photographing of criminals); and investigate what happened to suspects once they had been arrested and processed by the police. It will also provide an overview of crime in the C19th and early C20th, with insights into the sorts of crimes and criminal activity that was dealt with by the local constabulary. How were criminals punished? What sort of crimes did people commit in Victorian Middlesbrough? Finally it will explore the role of the police officer? What did the role of the police officer involve? What do we know about Victorian police officers?

There are only 40 tickets available for this event, book now on 01642 81 51 81 to avoid disappointment.

Middlesbrough Town Hall

Middlesbrough Town Hall is currently closed for renovation. 

The Victorian Gothic Town Hall is one of Middlesbrough's most distinctive buildings, providing an ideal-sized setting for big name, mainstream live acts and productions from across the UK.

The Town Hall's typical programme includes something for everyone from classical music to pop and rock, comedy's top stars and craft fairs.

Previous acts that have visited are Jimmy Carr, Jools Holland, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Arctic Monkeys and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.

Take part in performing arts classes. Middlesbrough Town Hall is also available to book for events.

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On performance nights the box office is also open from 6pm until show goes on. 01642 729 729 or 01642 81 51 81.


The Main Hall can accommodate up to 10 wheelchairs and the Crypt up to 6 wheelchairs. One free ticket is available for each companion. Please inform the Box Office at time of booking. Please note that the lifts will only hold 330 pounds. Please bear this in mind if you are the owner of a heavy wheelchair.