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Jul 21

Pressgang! with the Historical Maritime Society


Would you like to sail with Captain Cook? It wasn't all plain sailing!


About the event...

Please join us to share your memories of the Bongo nightclub in Middlesbrough! At this collaborative event we want to begin to record and share memories of this important cultural institution. If you have photographs or other memorabilia of the Bongo we would love to see them and add them to an interactive exhibition on the night. The Bongo Club is the last surviving part of the community that lived “over the border” in Middlesbrough. Opened in 1963 by African migrants to Middlesbrough to have a place to meet and socialize, this club became an integral part of the heritage of the town. Its location close to the docks meant that it attracted a diverse and cosmopolitan clientele. If you remember the Bongo or are interested in African Migration to Teesside please come along! NEMP is a community organisation established to research and disseminate experiences of migration in the North East. The North East is an area built on migration and we aim to record and share the ways that migrant communities have shaped and contributed towards the culture of the North East.