The Place

Middlesbrough is the city in the centre of the Tees Valley.  We are perfectly nestled between coast and country, sitting immediately above the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside and quaint coastal and market towns in neighbouring areas of the Tees Valley. Middlesbrough has extensive green spaces that are just as impressive as its post-industrial architecture. Middlesbrough defies expectations. We are proud, we are resilient, we are brilliant.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled family day out, a trip to a world class cultural venue, a history lesson on how we ‘built the world’, a bespoke designer outfit, or exquisitely crafted cocktails and dinner at independent bars and eateries, Middlesbrough really does have it all.

Sport enthusiasts and adventure seekers can benefit from excellent outdoor and indoor sports facilities that are used by some of Britain’s greatest athletes.

Historians can learn about Middlesbrough’s incredible industrial past, and how its innovators helped to catapult the area to fame as one of the world’s most important industrial champions.  


The People

The heart of Middlesbrough is its people. In the hearts of the people, is Middlesbrough.

The people of Middlesbrough are resilient, proud, and hard-working with a truly unique sense of humour, community pride and worth ethic.

Middlesbrough has a proud social history. It is a place that welcomed workers from across the world to build its foundations. These people have made Middlesbrough the diverse place it is today, and an increasing student population and growing business community reinforces Middlesbrough as a place to build a bright future.

The term ‘Ironopolis’ is synonymous with the people of Middlesbrough – a place that grew from the discovery of ironstone to become one of the world’s most powerful steel and iron producers. The legacy of which is at the heart of many structures and buildings across the world, from Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the Tyne Bridge.

Today, the people of Middlesbrough are as passionate and forward-thinking as ever – they are innovators and inventors, they are recognised around the world for being at the forefront of game design, digital technology, manufacturing and logistics.


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