The Middlesbrough Art Weekender is a contemporary arts festival, highlighting the Tees Valley as a place where bold and brilliant art is exhibited, practiced and produced – Anna from the festival tells you everything you need to know… 


"Over 4 days (26th -29th September), we'll be doing a 'town takeover', and there will be workshops, performances, exhibitions and events in spaces such as Middlesbrough Town Hall, The Auxiliary gallery, MIMA, BASE Camp, Platform A, as well as in pop up sites across central Middlesbrough.

Kids will love getting involved with ADA – our brilliant interactive installation coming to the Town Hall. ADA is undoubtedly this year's highlight, it has travelled across five continents. It is essentially a giant ball of helium, floating freely in room, a bit like a floating globe spiked with charcoals that leave marks on the walls, ceilings and floors – a must see!

Middlesbrough Art Weekender is now in its third year and in the past we have invited artists from Australia, America and across Europe to come and exhibit amazing things right here in our town. Many of these artists tell us that Middlesbrough has a lasting effect on their work, because of its unique landscape, such as Seal Sands, and particularly because of the warm welcome from its community which is really great feedback.

Last year, an artist called Jodi Rose came and recorded the movements and sounds of the Transporter Bridge, turning it into a huge instrument. People were then invited to come and listen to the music it made while crossing the River Tees.

It is really important to highlight Middlesbrough as a place where art is celebrated because of the local talent, the unique landscape and the heritage that is here. Besides parmos, probably the best thing about Middlesbrough is the interest and openness everyone has in something new and exciting happening in the town!"

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