Tell us a bit about you and your business

Hello! My name is George Ooi and I own Oodles Noodles – a pan Asian restaurant that has been here on Linthorpe Road in the heart of Middlesbrough for 19 successful years! I live in Middlesbrough with my family and have been here a number of years, my wife is a Middlesbrough native. My background is in academia, but when I decided I needed a change in career , I realised there was a gap in Middlesbrough’s restaurant scene for pan Asian dishes, so I decided to open up a restaurant to introduce the people of Middlesbrough to pan Asian dishes – so this style of food has actually been around in Middlesbrough since the year 2000! We serve a range of sit in and takeaway hot dishes inspired by the cuisines of Thailand, Malaysia and China.

What do you love about Middlesbrough?

I love that it has everything to offer that a large city does but we have the unique aspect of being right in between the stunning countryside of South Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire and the coastal towns of Redcar and Saltburn which are also just a stone’s throw away. Middlesbrough has an excellent retail offer that would rival nearby cities, and it’s a brilliant town for young people – the cost of living is so much more affordable here so you can actually get out and about and experience much more than you could if you were in a city.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to cook a lot of food, naturally, and I also love to travel about and see the nearby coastal towns – Middlesbrough is a great base to explore further afield. I also enjoy going to Cineworld and watching the Live Theatre screenings from national theatre companies that are broadcasted. Middlesbrough’s cultural offer and events scene is slowly growing and it’s great to see more people being pulled into the town to enjoy what’s happening here.

How would you describe Middlesbrough to someone from outside the town, and what would you want them to know about where we live?

That it’s a brilliant place with lots going on! Where else can you be in such close proximity to a busy centre, and the coast and country all on your doorstep? There’s everything to enjoy here and you can achieve a really high standard of living.