Kate is the owner of Kate Fearnley bespoke womenswear boutique on bustling Linthorpe Road. Find out what she loves about Middlesbrough.

What makes you passionate about Middlesbrough? 

There is so much to be proud and passionate about in Middlesbrough. Personally I am passionate about my business, and extremely proud that I have employed local people, and that I am still in the building that both my dad and grandfather ran their businesses from.

What do you love most about Middlesbrough?

What do I love most about Middlesbrough…well parmos of course!

What do you think would surprise people about Middlesbrough if they have never visited?

Middlesbrough can be quite a surprise to visitors from out of the area, as it’s fast becoming a real hub for creativity and culture, particularly in the Baker Street and Bedford street area. Orange Pip Market certainly pulls in the crowds and there’s lots of diverse eateries and micro bars.

What do you get up to in Middlesbrough in your spare time?

Running my own business is pretty much 24/7, but any free time I do have, I spend with my 3 year old son. He loves being outdoors, so we generally visit the coast or the countryside. We are so lucky to have some really beautiful places right on our doorstep. We also visit many of the local parks and play areas.

What does Middlesbrough mean to you?

Middlesbrough will always mean home. Three generations of my family have lived and worked here, so it will always be special to me!